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…my life in a few lines…visiting friends and some who attend regularly at Westgate…

Richard Curd
Since childhood I sensed God was there. Then one day, in my teens, the simple act of reading one verse in the Bible brought me into a personal encounter with God, experiencing His love and forgiveness through Jesus’ death on the Cross. The long held desire to be in His Service now became a reality and when opportunity presented itself I, in fear and trepidation, forsook job and home to work with others who wanted to make known God’s great love for others. This adventure afforded me the privilege of meeting some of the finest people in Africa, Europe, India and the Far East. Life as a Christian has not always been smooth or easy, nor did God promise it so, but He has always been there with me, as He promised, whether I felt it or not. Now in my seventies, I can testify that God continues to be a faithful friend and whatever the future holds He will never let go of me.

Les Wheeldon
Les Wheeldon was ordained by a German missionary society in 1979. With his wife Vicki, he went and pioneered a work in West Africa. The Lord blessed and poured out the Holy Spirit, forming a living church which is going strong today. After serving the Lord 8 years in Cameroon they returned to the UK where Les pastored several churches, before devoting his time to travelling and ministering extensively in Africa, Asia and Europe preaching and teaching the word of God. He has taught in several Bible Schools in UK. and is currently Head of Biblical Studies at the Marketplace Bible Institute (where Ravi Zacharias is an international advisor) in Singapore.  Les and Vicki visit twice a year to hold seminars at MBI and Tung Ling Bible School and continue with their itinerant ministry in many countries. see more here

Larry Hill
Joined the pastoral team in Cork Church in 2013. A native of Dublin, he has pastored churches in Dublin and Kildare since the 1980’s. He has also travelled extensively to many nations preaching and teaching. He continues to be involved in various mission projects in India, Africa and China. He is married to Ruth and they have four grown up children and six grandchildren

Bob Jones
One Hymnwriter says “deeper than hell it plucked me..”, another says “My heart is filled with thankfulness”. My heart is thankful as I think of all that God has done (& doing) in my life, a wonderful wife and family, most of all His presence day by day, and all these blessings so undeserved ! But life hasn’t always been like this ! Raised in a non­christian home, life was full of disappointment, disobedience, sin, then Jesus came and the ‘work’ started ! We can never really know how good God is until we give HIM our life.

John Amer
Born and bred on Wirral Peninsula, Cheshire, blessed with Christian parents. Early 1949 aged 13 received assurance of personal salvation. After schooling National Service  (army) for 2 years (19 months in Germany). After trained to teach. First teaching post at Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, – met and in 1960 married Yvonne: 2 daughters and a son – all three in Christ, married with Christian spouses and active in Christ; 7 grandchildren. In Essex many invitations to preach. 1964 – 1967 taught in Christian Mission sceondary boarding school; often preached; Hon.Sec. of Malawi National Scripture Union Committee. After, 1970-1979 at Ledbury, Herefordshire – founded and led a House Church. 1979 left teaching moved to Exeter to join Westgate Christian Fellowship.

Mike Coles
Born and bred in Devon. Conscious of the presence of God from an early age. Great to be a Christian.  Married Faith in 1971, moved with our two girls to Exeter in 1983 to be more involved in the church. Worked in serving the youth for many years. Began a radio ministry in 1997 which is ongoing. Totally agree with that saying ‘Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him for ever. ‘

Mark Perkins
Born in America. Loves sports, people, reading and Jesus. Became a Christian at age 11. Called to serve God in England during university years. Did youth work in church in London then community youth work in Teignmouth. Always did evanglism in background and was encouraged to enter full time evangelism. Evangelist with Outreach UK. Married with two children and lives in Exeter.

Peter Hedley
I came to faith in the Lord Jesus over fifty years ago. For over forty years I have been engaged in evangelism, Church planting and Bible teaching in Italy and Albania, and the UK, with occasional teaching trips to Germany and Switzerland. I have authored twelve books and booklets in Albanian and English and for the past twenty years have been supporting an orphanage in Gjirokaster, a town in southern Albania

Andy Hunter

Born and brought up in North London – trained as a music teacher. There was move of God in our college at Trent Park and worked with Ken and Barb Swan in North London. Moved to South East Kent and there saw the start of a new church. Worked there for 35 years pastorally with preaching and teaching both there and around UK and then abroad in Europe, Scandinavia Africa and India. Came to live in Devon to continue preaching and teaching

Margaret Beckett
Our guest speaker on Sunday Morning 13th December 2015 is Margaret Beckett – missionary to Tanzania. Margaret says ‘Responsibilities are for leading literacy development, together with a team of national colleagues. Learning to read is important if people are to access Scripture in their own languages. The people groups I work with are: Rangi, Alagwa, Burunge, and Mbugwe, four of over 120 languages spoken in Tanzania. At times I also share in Bible teaching together with the local church network I am involved with.
Margaret works with the Wycliffe Bible Translators


Photo of Bill of his racing bike




Bill racing on his bike



With his wife Bettie, Bill attends Westgate Christian Fellowship and frequently preaches at the Sunday Morning Service