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Welcome to Westgate CF

Westgate Christian Fellowship is a family friendly, Christ centred church who meet in the heart of Exeter. Westgate Christian Fellowship (WCF) are based in a fine old baptist chapel, located in the historic west gate area of the city and built on the old Roman wall. We are a small fellowship, evangelical in outlook and open to the leading of the Spirit in the worship meetings. Along with other believers in the city, we aim on Sundays to hear God’s Word through preaching, to express the truth and our devotion in song – traditional and modern – and to be strengthened to live for God and in our daily lives.

For a brief look at our history and heritage please see the about us page on the website.

We warmly welcome all, regardless of age or background to join us every Sunday morning at 10:30 for worship and fellowship.

– We’d love to see you soon! –